Innovative solutions for travel hubs and transport operators


Foot traffic

Highly-accurate people counting, even in heavy traffic


Real-time occupancy

For enclosed spaces, buses and trains


Demographic data

Male/female gender split


Directional flow

On/off pedestrian traffic for a variety of modes of transport


Transport for London

Sharing data with customers (in this case, real-time bus occupancy) helps ensure a greater level of customer satisfaction.


Victoria Station

Operational efficiencies informed by passenger journey data and real-time platform flows, even in heavy traffic.


San Francisco Airport

Customer service improvements in executive lounges driven by real-time occupancy and demographic data.

How Hoxton Analytics benefits the transport sector:

  • Industry-leading accuracy – dependable, reliable data even in high traffic.
  • GPS feed integration – provides vehicle occupancy by location or stop.
  • E-marked hardware – fully compliant with international transport regulations.
  • Robust cellular solution – no data loss, even in areas of poor coverage.
  • Customer privacy assured – GDPR compliant, no personal data collected.

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Technology is transforming our lives and creating huge potential to improve how we use and operate public transport.
— Head of Surface Technology & Data, TfL