Do you use proprietary hardware?

No. We use off-the-shelf, enterprise grade cameras and processing units from partners including Cisco.

Where are the cameras installed?

Cameras are installed approximately 50cm above the floor and can be mounted on any type of wall or on street furniture, including lampposts and signage totems. Click/tap on the images below to view larger:

Where are the processing units installed?

Each unit can be located out-of-sight anywhere within 100m of the camera(s) it is connected to. Each processing unit requires mains power and a reliable 4G data signal.

How far can a camera ‘see’?

A single camera can cover an entrance up to 10m wide.

How do you identify gender?

Gender identification is based on an algorithm that contemplates shoe size and the footwear style (e.g. open-toe, high heel etc).

Which footwear brands can you identify?

We can currently identify adidas, New Balance and Nike footwear by recognising their visual branding / logos.

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