Retail Destinations


The complete, accurate picture for malls, markets & city streets


Foot traffic

People counting by total site, zone or single location


Behavioural insights

Directional flow, occupancy and average dwell time


Demographic data

Male/female gender split


Tenant reporting

Selective data access for tenants


O2 Shopping Centre

Easy switching from outdated solutions. Historical data is adjusted for inaccuracies to ensure meaningful year-on-year comparisons.


Spitalfields Market

Open-air retail spaces. We don’t use any overhead equipment, so no ceiling is needed in order to gain the data and insights you need.


The Crown Estate

Smart Cities are challenging the way the industry thinks. We help clients understand pedestrian behaviour in urban areas.

Why clients are switching to Hoxton Analytics:

  • Works indoors and out – see the whole picture with no gaps in your reporting.
  • No IT integration – solution runs off mains power and communicates over 4G.
  • Less hardware needed – a single camera can cover an entrance up to 10m wide.
  • Easy to install – low-level cameras mean no expensive overhead work is required.
  • Manually audited for accuracy every day – no accuracy drift over time.

Find out how we can help your retail destination thrive:

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We are delighted with the seamless transition from the previous footfall operator. We are now building up an accurate database of trends in visitor behaviour that will give us a real insight into how people shop at the centre and will help us to plan for the future.
— Associate Director, Munroe K Asset Management