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Transform your locations into intelligent spaces

Hoxton Analytics' market leading technology provides 95% footfall accuracy and is 80% accurate at identifying gender. The technology is unobtrusive and sensors can be easily installed throughout and outside a store. Cameras point to the ground, so intelligence can be gathered while preserving people's privacy. The proprietary technology can track outside traffic, in-store occupancy, dwell times, group size, demographic details and brand recognition to provide real-time data with the potential for rich analysis.

35% commuter traffic

60% female on weekdays

Peak outside street traffic at 5pm

Our Service

The big picture at a glance

Our real-time dashboard helps support decision-making, and we offer an API to allow integration of your data sources such as BI systems or POS terminals. You can rely on accurate data, audited daily, allowing you to understand conversion rates, weather impact, peel off rates, queue times and marketing efficiency.

Richer, accurate data for deeper insights

We use applied AI to solve real-world problems. Through floor-level sensors using computer vision, our technology counts visitors and derives behavioural characteristics without gathering personal information.




Behavioural Clustering

Shoe Sizes & Brands

Casual Shoppers Journeys

Subtle. Accurate. Effortless.

Ground-level cameras are more flexible in deployment than other solutions. They can be installed outside, on walls, in doorways and staircases. We can deploy in small shops and in large shopping centres using proprietary devices or enterprise-grade Ciscoâ„¢ solutions.

Use Cases


Service your clients with enterprise-grade solutions for accurate, unobtrusive and rich intelligence.


Answer business questions with hard data. How many people walk past my store on the weekend? How do I optimise conversion? What are the best opening hours?

Commercial Real Estate

Understand the visitor demographic. Know passing street footfall, commuter percentage and which tenants bring in which visitors.

What People Say

Sherlock Holmes-like, its system can deduce a remarkable amount of information

Jane Wakefield, Technology reporter, BBC News

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