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Know your visitor footprint

Accurate, private & insightful pedestrian data

Hoxton Analytics provides highly-accurate footfall, gender, occupancy and directional flow data, based only on observing visitor footsteps. We never collect any personally identifiable information and are fully compliant with GDPR.

35% commuter traffic

5% / 3% capture rate (female / male)

Real-time occupancy: 2,607

Make better decisions

Our solution informs key business decisions for some of the largest companies in property, retail, smart cities and transport. Clients benefit from highly-accurate customer counting, street-to-store capture rates, occupancy and directional flow information – all demographically segmented and easily accessible.




Behavioural Clustering

Shoe Sizes & Brands

Casual Shoppers Journeys

An enterprise solution built on unique technology

We utilise low-level cameras that point down at the floor to avoid people's faces. Our patent-pending AI algorithms convert footsteps into highly accurate data and rich insights. These are delivered to customers as a service via our proprietary, real-time dashboard and a comprehensive range of APIs.

Our real-time dashboard helps support decision-making, and we offer an API to allow integration of your data sources such as BI systems or POS terminals. You can rely on accurate data, audited daily, allowing you to understand conversion rates, weather impact, peel off rates, queue times and marketing efficiency.

Market-leading accuracy

Everything about our technology is optimised for accuracy. Good decisions can only be made on the back of accurate data, and we believe that foot traffic is too important to settle for anything less. As such, every single one of our counters is manually audited for accuracy every day. This provides you with the confidence that a 10% uplift in traffic is real, and not within the margin of error.

Used by industry leaders

Commercial Property

We work closely with shopping malls, city streets, indoor and outdoor markets. Our accurate data makes the difference in lease negotiations, tenant mix curation, tracking pedestrian behaviour and assessing the impact of events and marketing.


Department stores, retail chains and concessions rely on our data to understand their customer journey from street to POS. They can A/B test marketing campaigns and measure efficiency all along the conversion funnel.

Smart Cities & Transport

The future of cities is smart. We work with bus operators, train stations and public buildings to gather real-time occupancy data. This helps our clients optimise bus routes, minimise platform congestion and save on energy costs.

Bespoke projects

As a highly-innovative technology business we continue to respond to our clients’ demands. We have assessed consumer advocacy by identifying different footwear brands and shoe styles, measured marketing effectiveness through highly-accurate A/B testing and are currently improving the customer experience across London’s transport network by developing new occupancy modules for use on the city’s buses.

What people say

Sherlock Holmes-like, its system can deduce a remarkable amount of information

Jane Wakefield, Technology reporter, BBC News

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